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Tickets, Tools and Helpdesk

Ticket System

Here you can track the history of your tickets and support requests, edit them, or close them.Alternatively, you can reach us around the clock (24x7) at the phone number listed in your support contract.

Remote Support

Please only download the remote support client at the request of our support team. This client is one of our tools that allows us secure access to your local system.

System Management

Please only download the management agent at the request of our support team. This agent is one of our tools with which we keep your systems up-to-date and secure.

Microsoft 365 Support

Through the 'Delegate Admin' function, you grant us access to your Office 365 tenant for administration, license management, and troubleshooting assistance. Please note the privacy information that is displayed to you during the process.

Support Contact

You will find your support telephone number in your support documents.


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