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to detect errors in advance

The term "IT monitoring" describes all solutions that continuously monitor and control the operation of IT systems, the entire IT infrastructure, and the applications.If the monitoring is primarily focused on the server systems or the network, it is referred to specifically as server monitoring or network monitoring. Our managed services include continuous IT monitoring to ensure that our IT services are always at a high level and thus enable the smooth operation of their IT systems. In doing so, our IT specialists select the monitoring procedures that fit your requirements and can thusin advance detect, analyze and eliminate potential problems and errors that could cause the failure of one of your IT systems.


What are the benefits of IT monitoring for the company?

Intelligent IT monitoring provides all the important information around the clock in order to identify possible weak points and critical systems at an early stage. The data volumes obtained in this way must then be examined in order to filter out relevant parameters and draw the right conclusions. By systematically analyzing this data, expensive downtime of servers and IT systems can be avoided.

Another positive effect of IT monitoring is that it increases system availability and stability. The company benefits because all business processes can continue to run efficiently and unhindered. The functionality of the IT processes remains intact and necessary maintenance intervals can be scheduled.

With partly customized IT monitoring software and tools, we always have an up-to-date overview of the hardware and software in use and thus keep the IT processes running.


What are the advantages of IT monitoring for us as an IT service provider?

In fact, the benefits for the company are also our benefits. Since we mainly charge flat rates for our support services, smooth operation of the IT systems ultimately benefits us as well. Identifying emerging problems in advance and eliminating them is better for both sides than having to fix acute malfunctions under pressure from users who cannot work. A solution provided by our end-to-end monitoring as part of our IT support services.


What needs to be considered in IT monitoring?

In the following you will find an overview of questions to support the planning of a monitoring solution.

  • Which IT systems, components and / or applications should be monitored?
  • Which parameters should be monitored?
  • Where are the reasonable limits?
  • In what intervals are the values recorded?
  • Who should be informed in case of malfunctions?
  • Should there be a connection to a ticket system?
  • How are the processes defined in case of a malfunction?
  • Is there a plan for regular review of the monitoring itself?
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