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Your IT at fixed calculable costs

In the IT industry, leasing, flexible rental and hire-purchase agreements are now the order of the day. In addition to fixed, calculable monthly expenses, the often high acquisition costs are eliminated and you thus preserve your liquidity. As with car leasing, the big advantage of IT leasing is that the purchased IT components are not considered fixed assets and therefore do not have to be depreciated. Rather, the installments may immediately be claimed in full as operating expenses.

In times when technological progress is accelerating, innovations are changing the way companies work. Hardware leasing can help you stay on the cutting edge of technology with predictable costs.


A comparison of the different forms of financing


Leasing focuses on the idea of financing. Your lease payments are expensed and are therefore immediately tax deductible. The economic ownership of the IT equipment lies with the lessor, balance sheet and credit rating remain unaffected. At the end of the lease term, you decide whether to return the leased asset, extend the lease, or buy the leased asset.


The rental of IT components essentially involves usage agreements. The rental installments incurred are also directly tax-deductible as operating expenses. Just as with leasing, balance sheet neutrality and the preservation of liquidity are among the advantages. The leased property can be purchased or returned after or during the agreed term. It is also possible to extend the lease.

Hire purchase

Hire purchase differs from rental primarily in that the leased IT equipment automatically becomes your property after payment of the final installment.


The right financing offer

You want to modernize the workplaces of your employees in your company? No problem! Whether computer, notebook or other IT equipment, we will find the right financing offer for you.

You are planning to purchase new servers or hardware components? Here, too, we will be happy to help you with a suitable server leasing offer that includes not only the hardware but also the installed software.

Equipping your meeting areas with presentation displays and full HD/4K cameras for video conferencing with customers, partners or other departments in the company can also be realized in a liquidity-preserving way via appropriate financing solutions.

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