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Network design
With the right concept to the solution

The basis for our digital communication is always the network. Whether LAN, WAN or WLAN - a solid concept helps to create the foundations for a secure and reliable exchange of information. The network infrastructure is not only a connection of different network devices, but it forms the backbone of your corporate IT. A good network design is therefore one of the central tasks that must be done in advance.



Conventional network cabling does not have the same mobility as a wireless network, but it offers numerous other advantages. For applications with high network loads, the wired network is usually the better solution. LAN cable is also a common standard for networking between servers.

Other advantages include higher security andlower interference compared to wireless solutions.

With the right choice of cabling type, you can avoid problems. Using a fiber optic cable instead of a copper cable to connect two buildings can prevent potential equalization currents that occur from causing data transmission errors or even hardware damage. We will be happy to help you choose the right medium with a personal network planning that meets your needs.


It is now impossible to imagine a home network, a café or a company without WLAN. While at home the router of the Internet provider usually provides the WLAN and access to the Internet in one device, in the company the access points take over this function.

In addition to performance and coverage, access control must also be taken into account when designing the wireless network. For example, if you assign one and the same WLAN key to your employees, you should change this key immediately as soon as an employee leaves. Personal access data (WPA Enterprise, 802.1x) create a significant relief here and increase the security of your network.



In addition to the classic leased line, the VPN solution via own devices or a point-to-point radio connection, the connection of several locations can be realized by further solutions in the area of managed services or cloud solutions.

An important step in the planning of WAN connections is a detailed requirements analysis. The question of whether you want to use a cross-site domain or which applications should communicate via the WAN connection is crucial for choosing the right solution.

A 100 Mbit/s SDSL connection is not the same as a 100 Mbit/s LAN connection. Although the maximum bandwidth is identical for both connections, significantly higher latencies must be taken into account for the WAN connection (SDSL). The requested server can usually respond in less than one millisecond on the local network, whereas it can take as long as 20 milliseconds over the WAN connection. This difference is negligible for a single data packet, but if it is a database application where the client exchanges thousands of data packets when calling up a customer file, you will notice the performance difference very quickly.


What we offer...

  • the planning of the network topology suitable for you.
  • the choice of the right cabling.
  • the setup of the necessary network components.
  • the planning of your WLAN infrastructure and the selection of the appropriate access points.
  • the design and implementation of your site networking with a focus on security and availability.
  • the secure connection of home offices and remote networks.
  • much more.

Whether it is a new construction, conversion or expansion of the existing network, talk to us. We will find the right solution for your requirements and plan with you all the necessary steps.

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