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IT support and computer maintenance. 

Since 1998, we have been supporting companies from a wide range of industries as well as public institutions in the successful design of their IT. From strategy to implementation, we offer our customers everything from a single source.

We are happy to advise you on the best solutions for your requirements. Our experienced team of experts will put together a customized IT support package based on your company's needs. Our goal is to always provide you with the most appropriate technologies that minimize capital expenditures while still meeting evolving challenges.


What are the advantages of IT support?

The advantages of IT support or IT maintenance are obvious: You can concentrate on your core business and leave the technology to us.

Our IT services are the less complicated alternative to your own IT department.Our IT specialists check your systems comprehensively and make changes only where necessary. In doing so, we attach importance to fast response times and short communication channels, as well as optimal availability.

Ongoing training measures ensure that our IT experts will still be experts in their field tomorrow and will provide your company with the best possible support in the operation of current IT solutions.

Briefly summarized

  • IT care and IT support with always up-to-date know-how
  • Calculable costs
  • Planable updates outside working hours
  • All-round IT support from a single source
  • Smooth IT operation
  • Fast response times

Personal service

With us, the customer is not a number. You receive an IT specialist as a fixed contact person, who is available as a central contact for all concerns. This person coordinates all necessary processes and maintains an overview of your entire IT landscape. We make additional IT departments superfluous without compromising on expertise or individual customer service.

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Your IT infrastructure changes with your needs

Whether you want to implement new software, increase the automation of your processes or renew your network technology, our IT professionals will advise you and recommend the right solutions in a targeted manner, answer your IT questions and are available to you as a reliable IT consultant with their know-how.

IT security as the central pillar of your corporate IT

We also look at IT solutions from several IT security perspectives: physical security, biometric identification, user access rights and data protection. An important task for an IT service provider is to ensure the security of the IT infrastructure. All systems in your IT environment should be optimally protected. Proper IT management also helps to prevent the emergence of potential vulnerabilities.


Stay up to date

In the past, you bought your PC, installed an operating system and applications on it, and used it for years before replacing it. Today, you only use the old equipment because adopting new technology is too expensive or too difficult. Sometimes budgets just aren't enough or there isn't enough time. If such problems sound familiar, we can help.

Through a founded analysis of your needs, we will find the right hardware and software to help you best achieve your business goals. Flexible financing models offer you the advantage of not reducing your liquidity when making new purchases.


IT maintenance and monitoring

Much of what later develops into trouble is already obvious in advance. All your business-critical IT systems are constantly monitored so that we can respond quickly to potential problems.

The information gained from the individual IT components can be very useful. Impending failures can be prevented in advance. When you combine thorough IT documentation, solid planning from the outset and strict adherence to guidelines, the result is a robust and powerful IT environment that provides you with the best possible support in your daily work.

Ongoing updates to IT systems, are also ensured by continuous monitoring of your entire IT landscape as part of IT support.

Here it is particularly important to promptly install security-relevant updates as part of the maintenance and care of the IT systems. This is not only important on the server or PC, but also on IT infrastructure components such as switches, routers, WLAN access points that provide access to your network, an up-to-date version of the system software is important. This is the only way to ensure a high level of IT security and protect your data.

Planable updates, which limit system availability, are usually installed by us outside business hours to allow your employees to continue working and not be affected by IT care and maintenance.


Planning and control of reliable backup solutions

IT support also means the planning and control of reliable backup solutions.As IT support specialists, we check the functionality of existing backups and verify the ability to restore them. After all, backing up your data does you little good if it cannot be restored in an acceptable amount of time.

Our IT experts can explain the various backup options and help you choose the best options for your individual needs. Contingency plans help keep downtime to a minimum in the event of major damage.

Cloud IT - Pro und Contra

More and more frequently, the question arises of moving corporate IT to the cloud.

Often, this step is associated with a variety of advantages. However, not all that glitters is gold. In some situations, a classic IT infrastructure with local servers is better. After a precise analysis of the requirements, a hybrid configuration, in which, for example, only part of the e-mail addresses or e-mail accounts are in the Cloud and the rest are on a local server, can also make sense. Necessary security requirements should also be taken into account in the decision.

Regardless of what the solution looks like, we will provide you with the IT support you would expect from an IT specialist.

Cloud Services

Support when you need it

You can count on us as an IT service provider with many years of experience. Whether it's current user issues, a system assessment, or troubleshooting within your IT environment, we're here for you. We'll work with you to keep your company's IT running smoothly and your employees productive - remotely or with on-site service.

Request your no-obligation quote now and let us find the perfect solution for you.